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Pascale "Saiun" Meissel Coste 

Born 17 March 1963 in Provence, FRANCE 


Pascale "Saiun", who spent nearly 20 years in Asia, started a passion for flower arrangements when she expatriated first to Singapore in 1996. 
She started learning various floral arts, including Ikebana from the Sogetsu school. She learned the Art of Japanese flower from prestigious Master like Sensei Senso Onaka, Sensai Tetsunori Kawana, Iemoto Akane Teshigaha, Sensei Kan Katamaya, Sensei Seiko Ozawa, Sensei Kobashi, Sensei Nakano.
From her new base, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, she incorporated in May 2014 to offer local market creative floral decoration for Exhibitions, Events, Dinners, Fashion Show, Hotels, Boutiques and continue teaching Floral Arts....always through the theme "East meets West".
She worked and learn other floral arts from International Teachers and Masters like Bernard Tay (Singapore), Caty Ong (Malaysia), Win Chan (Malaysia), Anson Low (Singapore), Malcom Angus (New Zealand), Poo Chesdmethee (Thailand), Els Azenberg (The Netherland), Greg Block (Australia), Jan Van Doesburg (The Netherland). 
After beeing awarded her highest Ikebana Sogetsu teachers rank as First Grade JONIN SOMU in 2009, she continues exhibiting around the world, developed her teaching skills and won many awards. Beside wining a number of awards during floral competitions, her work was also selected numerous times in international magazines (Floral Design) and Floral Books (International Floral Art). 

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