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We offer a modern and stylish floral decoration to enhance your corporate events, either you are a nonprofit organization, company, hotel, corporation, or a government agency. 


Let's join forces

Our French floral designer will be your partner in making your event delightful. Targeting excellence, we pay a high attention to details and to our clients' wishes.


High quality flowers

Our strenghth is our high quality flowers. We select the flowers in the finest farms around the world to ensure their beauty and freshness. 

Floral Design

From classical to atypical flower design, our specialists will suit your wishes and match the event peculiarities. We will make your floral vision come true. Limitless varieties of colors, textures, sizes... Your choice, our goal.

Let's make a



Chef Nathalie offers a great culinary experience filled with plenty of flavours, colours and new creations.

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Asra Birthday (14)
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Flower decoration Kuala Lumpur
Flower decoration Kuala Lumpur
Flower decoration Kuala Lumpur
Flower decoration Kuala Lumpur

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